Sunday, October 4, 2015

Whole Group Word Study Lessons

As a Reading Specialist, I completely support differentiated instruction to meet children's needs, but I'm concerned that struggling students are only being taught at their level and not being exposed to grade level standards.

It's important to provide scaffolding and support for our struggling learners, as well as, challenge our advanced learners. However,  it's also imperative that we teach our grade level material as well.

I created Power Points for Whole Group Word Study Lessons that can also be used for small group instruction or with individual students and added explicit instructions in the note sections. Please use these with your class to teach the spelling patterns that are required by your school districts.

When you pull small groups, you can review the grade level standards or use them to differentiate based on your children's needs.

These Power Points have been placed in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store,
They are FREE from today through October 7th as a treat for you! I'm also having a store-wide sale.  It's October, time for treats!  Look for sales all month long!

If you need help with math, check out Ashley Benoit's Teachers Pay Teacher's store, The Teachers Treasure Chest, for amazing resources!

Happy October!


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