Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Running Record Analysis SIMPLIFIED!

MOST elementary classroom teachers have not had the extensive training necessary to do in-depth analysis. Keep in mind that they also have to teach math, science, and social studies.  We need to be realistic about our expectations of what teachers can accomplish in the limited amount of planning time they are given.  We also need to provide them with easier ways to analyze data.  With that in mind, I created some cards to simplify running record analysis.
Karen Mallard Literacy Coach
As a Reading Specialist, I spend a great deal of time analyzing data, interpreting results, and providing teachers with information and activities to use with their students.  As a trained Reading Recovery Teacher, I had extensive training to analyze running records. This training and experience helps me quickly analyze running records so I can make teaching points instantly.

Once you have scored the accuracy and self-correction rates focus on the errors as they will give you clues on which teaching points to make.

Monitoring is crucial with beginning readers. Show them how to make their finger match and to check the first letter to confirm that they are correct.

My next blog will continue with Running Record Analysis. 
Thanks for reading and for everything you do for your students every day!

Karen Mallard 

If your students are struggling with decoding, check out this Decoding Skills Binder.  My teachers and I have used these activities and they have really helped our students.


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